God's dream for France !

God’s dream for France is to see french people coming to Christ, receiving the love of God and becoming disciples of Jesus Christ, baptised in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

God has supernaturally called Pastor Dorothy Rajiah to build His church in Paris, through an amazing vision, 6 months after her husband went to be with the Lord.
Pioneeing church in France, Paris Christian Center is today one of the most dynamic church. Tens of thousands of souls have been saved for Christ.

It is time to expand our territory to accomplish more for God’s Kingdom.

The enemi has wared against France and brought hopelessness, pain and destruction in french people’ lives :

  • with the rise of destruction :
    with each year more violence, insecurity, divorce, poverty, addictions and sexual perversion

Where are we going ?

God has worked nothing else than a miracle as we received from the Government a glorious ground to build on for free at the very door of Paris. Only God did it !

He is leading us to build Him a church, where people from all over France and the World would come and encounter the love of God.

This church will be the nerve Center of the Revival in France, preaching the message of faith and grace

We firmly believe that the harvest is ripe in France and we are building to welcome it in a new and bigger facility. We will build :

  • A sanctuary that would host 2500 people, where the gospel will be preached without compromise
  • More than 1000 meter square for the children’s ministry where they will grow in the presence of God and learn faith and Bible principles
  • Spaces for Youth where they will be equipped for greatness
  • Classes for Bible training to equip a powerful army empowered into the ministry
  • Spaces for families to receive help and prayer
  • Office spaces to work for God’s kingdom advancement
  • Rooms dedicated for social help and food distribution
  • A TV Studio to impact faith through media

That amazing construction is located at the door of Paris, facing the Olympic Games, in direct proximity of a subway, train station, bus stop and highways.

Build a house for God where :

The Gospel


 A place where the gospel will be preached without compromise
A place where France will be baptized with water and spirit


An Encounter

A place where we will encounter God
A nerve Centre of the Revival in France



A place of Bible training to equip a powerful army
A place where disciples of Jesus will be shaped


A house of prayer where Christians from all walks of life can find rest and the Presence of God


A place where the Family of God can come together in the same spirit
A place where Families and marriages will be established on the Word of God


A place where children can grow in the Presence of God
A place where they will learn to live with Christian values



A place where young people will be equipped for greatness
A place where they will come into their destiny


Become a Partner of the Dream

To date we have already financed more than 65% of the construction project and equipment. We believe God for 5 million dollar to make this Dream come to pass !

Would you be a Partner to reach out PARIS and France ?

You can be a Partner and build in Paris by sawing a 1000 dollar or a multiple of 1.000 as God leads you.

  • We will deliver you a Certificate of Partnership in Paris Dream for God,
  • We will give you also a Building Certificate for every Square Feet you would have provided
  • We will be pleased to welcome you any time you will come to Paris

Thank you for your love for France and your gift.


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