Thank you !

To date we have already financed more than 65% of the construction project and equipment. We believe God for 5 million euros to make this Dream come to pass !

Would you be a Partner to reach out PARIS and France ?
You can be a Partner and build in Paris by sowing 1000 euros or a multiple of 1.000 as God leads you.

  • We will deliver you a Certificate of Partnership in Paris Dream for God,

  • We will give you also a Building Certificate for every Square Feet you would have provided

  • We will be pleased to welcome you any time you will come to Paris

Thank you for your love for France and your gift.

By cheque

  • To the order of:                                    PARIS CENTRE CHRÉTIEN                                                         
  • Send to the following address:                Paris Centre Chrétien                              BP 54 – 93122                                            La Courneuve Cedex

By transfer

  •  Account number :                    40475447001 /  Clé RIP : 61              IBAN : FR76 1820 6002 2940              4754 4700 161                                                                                                      BIC/SWIFT code :                      AGRIFRPP882
  • Domiciliation :                                    CREDIT AGRICOLE – ILE DE FRANCE – 93700 DRANCY – FRANCE                          
  • Account holder :                                    PARIS CENTRE CHRÉTIEN MINISTÈRES

By Western Union / Money Gram

  • Address it to: Guilain ZOLA                    with the subject of your Donation, for example: New PCC Building                       
  • Paris Centre Chrétien                                  7 Rue Pascal – BP 54, 93122 Cedex    La Courneuve – France                                
  • You must specify by email :         
  • The transaction number                        
  • The exact amount of the donation in Euros
  • The Project for which you are donating
  • Your full contact details
  • The country from which you are sending your donation