Paris Christian Center

Paris Christian Center is a multi-cultural, dynamic and pioneering church in France. The Word of God is preached with faith and conviction. The love of God and the presence of God are at the heart of the Ministry.

Located in La Courneuve in the heart of Grand Paris; PCC is a member of the CEAF and the French Protestant Federation.

We Believe that :


  • The Bible is the Word of God
  • The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit form one true God
  • God loves and wants to save all men; his salvation is offered to us by grace through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ.
  • Water Baptism by immersion seals our commitment to God
  • He wants every believer to receive the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Dorothy Rajiah

Pastor Dorothy Rajiah is the main pastor of Paris Christian Center church. 

At the age of 7, she gave her life to Jesus and very quickly God began to speak to her and to reveal himself personally to her, especially at the age of 11, through an extraordinary experience with Heaven, and then a few years later through a striking vision of Hell that would prepare her for God’s call on her life.

At the age of 20, God changed all her plans and against all odds, he called her to preach and stand for Him. A few years later, God supernaturally led her husband Pastor Selvaraj Rajiah to her. Both of them formed a winning team and were united in the Ministry for over 18 years, until the sudden departure of her husband to Heaven. Before he left, he said these last prophetic words : 

‘’ God wants to build a house in France ‘’.

Six months after his departure, in the midst of one of the most difficult periods in Pastor Dorothy’s life, God spoke clearly to her about building him a Church. She says about it: « Isn’t this God’s way of doing things?” He comes and seeks us and calls us when we feel unable to do so. But it is when we are at the end of ourselves that God takes over and calls us to rise up as valiant heroes ».

Today, this call has become a reality; miraculously God has led us to build him a House of Prayer, a place where the main rule will be his presence, a nerve Center of the Revival in France.

It will not be just a simple church, but the Center for all Christians in Paris, France, and the entire Francophony.